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[Admin Template]

Hi everyone,


First of all let me apologise for writing this port in english, but my french is not good.


A small introduction, my name is Luis I am Portuguese but i live in the UK for quite some time now.


I been using NK for a long time, although I never was an active member of the community, I follow work of some of you like eResnova ( freaking awesome templates you have Wink ).


So now i decide to share some of my work, I do custom code and API implementations like steam, LoL and now i am working on a GW2 implementation.


As for my first forum post I am showing a recent Layout ia will start to use in all my upcoming projects, its nearly finished so I leave here some images.


Hope you guys enjoy it and thank you for providing this fantastic CMS.

Also i am excited about what version 1.8 will bring. Wink


Full Album



Edited: I had to remove the images - they were to big


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France.gif ClassikD.

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RE : [Admin Template]

Hello guy,

Nice admin template for NK. I like the sidebar, good job Very Happy

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United-Kingdom.gif creativewild

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RE : [Admin Template]

Thank you Smile 


Actually would be great if the next version could have a template engine on the admin as well.


NK is the only cms for gaming I currently use, i tried others but this one fits perfectly for communities and clans, and thats the reason I modify the admin section, is to give every team/clan/community am website of their own.


Since i dont have extensive knowleadge in the french language some times is hard to know whts happening to NK in terms of development.


at some point i am thinking in migrating all the NK functionality to a custom made Laravel app.



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Belgium.gif Sekuline

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RE : [Admin Template]

Nice ! Great job man

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